Actuate IP provides specialist intellectual property advice to a broad range of Australian and international companies. We partner with companies that want to ensure the current and future value in their IP is protected both locally and globally.

Actuate IP’s team of specialists have come together with the common aim of providing high quality expertise and IP advisory services, done differently:

Fixed Pricing IP Dispute Resolution & Litigation 

We dont charge you by the minute and by the hour for every moment we spend on your matter or talking with you about it. Instead we provide you with what we call Unlimted Access. Why? Because we dont think charging by time provides measurable value for you. Value shoudl be judged by outcomes. Instead we mutually agree to fixed price per project and then focus on those outcomes.

Lower IP Spend

With Unlimited Access, you can call us and meet with us to discuss each project on an unlimited basis. This is all included in the price of the project, so no additional legal fees. We have also structured our business to take advantage of technology, project management methodology and lowered unnecessary overheads so you are not paying for those inefficiences or expenses in your legal fees. It is a fairer way of business. It means that you get access to top quality experience without having to pay top tier prices. In essence you are paying for our skill set and not unnecessary firm overheads.

Strategic Approach

We provide an overall strategic approach to IP management and protection. We do this by taking the time to understand your business. This understanding then ensures we implement an IP strategy that matches your commercial goals.

Clear, Simple & Strong Recommendations

We strive to provide you with clear and timely advice as well as regular updates at every stage of your matter. By understanding your business, we ensure our advice and recommendations are commercially relevant to you.

Implementing your IP Strategy in Stages

By implementing your IP strategy in stages and keeping you up to date on progress, we make it easy for you plan and to make decisions that will assist your business.

Global Reach

We have strong ties to a small and select network of overseas associates that are like-minded and share our core beliefs in client approach, cost efficiency and integrity. This network allows us to manage and protect your intellectual property portfolio worldwide.

We offer a broad range of IP services to our clients and associates. Please use the navigation menu on the left to learn more about our areas of practice and how we can assist you and your business.

Please see the About Us page for more information about our unique approach.

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