International Design Registration

How do a protect my design registration internationally?

Design registration and certification in Australia only provides protection within Australia. Therefore, if you want protection of your commercial interests to extend overseas you will need to register your design internationally.

There is no form of ‘worldwide design registration’ (although there is registration that applies throughout Europe), so design registration must be obtained separately in each country of interest.

As Australia is a member of the Paris Convention, ‘convention applications’ can be made in all member countries. Where the application is made within six months of Australian application, design protection commences as of the initial Australian application date.

In Europe, a Community Design Registration enables you to seek design registration in all EU member countries under a single application, saving significant administrative time and expense.

How can Actuate IP assist?

There are many strategic, practical and legal considerations when implementing an international design registration strategy, particularly given that design applications must be filed prior to any public disclosure.

Additionally, design laws vary slightly between countries and it is important to be aware of any potential effects of these variations.

Actuate IP can provide an assessment of your options and related costs to tailor a strategy suited to you and your business.

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